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Bipolar Disorder

July 16, 2014

BD is a good tool to have to deal with the world. So far I have only developed a split-personality. I hope to evolve.


The last nail in her coffin

June 12, 2014

A scandalous literary career over, without producing anything remarkable. Becoming absurdly rich was the first set back. Taking up publicly a political cause by a writer is the last nail in her coffin.

Walk the talk

April 21, 2014

You do not refer to history books to find the truth, but you read the fiction of the time.

April 11, 2014

Rich, poor and democracy

March 8, 2014

There are 700m poor for 70 Indian billionaires. So much for democracy and welfare economics of Amartya.

A window to Nepal

December 12, 2013

Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2013 – The Shortlist

November 11, 2013

Bad Sex in Fiction Award 2013 – The Shortlist.

It marks the end of a Literary Year. Which author missed it by a whisker you think? And for which book?


September 19, 2013

Give up the ambition of changing the world.
It is practical thing to do, to survive it.
there are many stereotypes you can choose from,
in order to fit in. It can be a way to
make peace with you.
Else it is a long pain,
of creative honesty troubling you fore ever.

Miserable writers

August 30, 2013

Many of them try to pass their misery to their readers.
If it is too much about race, class, family or religion, one should drop it.
Writing is trying to entertain, not anything less.

Decaying classics

August 24, 2013

The summer has been so humid that it took my breath away. I was found to be an asthmatic. Dusting through old books I put off often. It leaves me breathless. Putting on a mask, I tried it recently. To my surprise, many books were damp and were infected by a fungus. So Dust was not the only threat.
The books I like, often rest beside my pillow of the bed. They shift between my hands so often that they are dust free mostly. The one that begins to gather dust, I shift to the racks. Where it could decay like this year.
To my surprise, the decaying lot consisted of a few classics too. But the greater shock was to find the same book twice among them. It was the reputation of the author and the book, that I purchased it twice, but never read it. There is something decaying about these classics, like their copies in my collection.
I have to muster courage to dispose them and not buy them again. But I will have to make a list first.