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Criminal state

September 26, 2013

Things remains the same since Tolstoy. Coup is the need.



September 19, 2013

Give up the ambition of changing the world.
It is practical thing to do, to survive it.
there are many stereotypes you can choose from,
in order to fit in. It can be a way to
make peace with you.
Else it is a long pain,
of creative honesty troubling you fore ever.

Book release

September 1, 2013

Dilip wants to release his sex video, before he releases his first book. This is how it will work for writers too, he thinks.
Nawin scoffs at his idea of writing and finds his fondness for the stuffed animal bodies in a library in Kathmandu repulsive.
Both are aging without having made any mark on the literary world. The world is in a literal flux, with terrorist attacks and attacks on terrorist targets dominating headlines every day.
In The Royal Enigma, Krishna Bhatt tries to take a note of it all. He looks baffled at times, clearly overwhelmed by the enormity of world and people around. At times he is successful in telling a story sensitively. Like that of an old woman, alone taking care of her middle aged, mentally invalid son. It all makes an engaging story, however.