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April 20, 2014


B.C vs V.S

April 14, 2014

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My version of B.C vs. V.S

B.C – Sir V.S, I understand that even as we speak there is good-sized mob is burning an effigy of V.S. Naipaul in the car park. How do you respond?

V.S – Mimic Men!

B.C – But Sir, are you not a least bit disturbed by this vile and grotesque action?

V.S – No, and I am actually pro-effigy burning. I might even have said so in one of my books, but I don’t have them all in my head. It’s a lot safer than burning the author, when you think about it.

B.C. – Why would anyone want to burn an effigy of you?

V.S – Ignorance and stupidity can make people do the strangest things; look at politicians. I think people who have never read or understood my work want to burn me. But then there is the intellectual set who think…

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Drone Fetes Trinidad Style

April 14, 2014



Originally posted on This Beach Called Life - aka_lol's blog:

short shorts

short shorts

Ask any Pakistani where is a good place to put a drone and the last place they would come up with would be a cooler fete in south Trinidad. But since most fete promoters are not genuine Pakistanis, a drone was employed to take aerial shots of one such fete. As luck would have it, this drone, probably dropping low to get a better view of a woman with nearly no top or shorts or both, lost control and struck a patron on his head causing a several-stitch type injury. However, eyewitnesses said that it was some stupid patrons who started to pelt the drone, possibly thinking it was from the Gary Griffith future crime plan. which caused the crash. Another unsubstantiated report says the drone had cheap batteries which failed when called on to perform.

Crash or no crash, the future of both policing and fete promotion…

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You do not refer to history books to find the truth, but you read the fiction of the time.

April 11, 2014


An IMF man

April 6, 2014

Of all the people, a former IMF official is now the governor of Reserve Bank of India. It sounds very intriguing that English media is trying to build an image for him. Kejariwal will find a lot of things to clean, if he gets into power.

Another Chance

April 2, 2014

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Arvind Kejariwal and Indian general elections

April 1, 2014

Arvind Kejariwal represented a change in Indian politics. He has shown the courage to join it unlike his mentor Anna Hajare. Hajare has the probity of a saint around him, which can be only compared to that of Gandhi. But he has shown no inclination to join active politics and is happy to remain an activist. Also, he has not fully accepted Arvind as his protegee.
A problem with former bureaucrats is that they turn to populism in no time. Kejariwal too offered to reduce the cost of power to half, once he became the chief minister of Delhi. (An office he could not retain for long, for the political imperative of a country like India stretched him too thin.) Power is chronically deficient in India. So it leaves a gap in his understanding of Indian politics and it needs. Because he can not outdo the existing politicians in the competition of looking more populist.
Elections are due in India soon. After nearly seventy years of democracy, it has roughly seven hundred million people living below poverty line, though it’s media prefers to talk about the seventy billionaires it also has. Nearly two trillion dollars have escaped from India to safer heavens in EU nations or the USA, while the media here talked about the benefits of a free economy and reforms, during the last twenty five years. Had there been policies to prevent that, the picture of Indian economy has not looked so poor. So the list of policy failures, deliberate or otherwise, could be very long.
But this can not go on like it for long. Politicians like Kejariwal inspire hope among the people tired of endless unfolding of corruption scandals, irrespective of the party in power at the center. India matters to the world for its economic potential and its survival so far as a democracy, in spite of a stunning diversity. Rightfully, it is getting the due attention in recent days. The outcome of its elections are of seminal importance to the world powers, engaged in an ugly confrontation in Ukraine now.
May be, if Indian people vote him into political significance that may prove lasting, in the next general elections, Arvind kejariwal has a potential to create change in a society which so badly needs it. It is asking too much from a single person but often a single person makes all the difference in India. Young and charming, and untainted so far, Arvind has a lot to learn and nothing to lose.
Had he not been there, the Indian elections might have looked routine this time as well.

War with Russia?

March 21, 2014

The way things are developing, it appears as if the politicians are contemplating a war with Russia. Will such a war get popular support in EU nations is the question. Deep in economical crisis, EU nations have some of the most corrupt people in the leadership. Will a war help cover them up the matters and linger the reforms? I do not think diplomacy can not solve this crisis. The first thing needed is to tone down the voice of a provocative English press, owned by a few Moguls only.

A fantastic novel that will keep the reader glued to the pages

March 21, 2014


Robert Mugabe and resistance

March 16, 2014

Robert Mugabe represents resistance against the present global order more than any other leader. This iconic leader has retained the leadership of Zimbabwe for the last three decades. All this time the West has tried to oust him from power. Zimbabwe has been under economical sanction of the USA and EU, for more than a decade. This country became independent through a popular movement led by Mugabe in 1985.
During these years he has done away with most institutions put in place by British colonials and established new ones. It must have been a unique experiment. Because, the former colonies, which did not abolish the same, are the poorest countries today in spite of their democracies, as their wealth is siphoned off to the UK or West, as if colonialism is still in place. Also, unlike in the South Africa of Nelson Mandela, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe did not allow the white farmers to retain all their landed property, while the natives only had their freedom. Mugabe has shown a new way for the former British colonies to go ahead. More recently he has abolished the currency of his country to ward off the economic sanction. And it is working apparently.
Coming generations will take a more detached look at his career and understand what he achieved, for his country and the rest. At ninety, he is steady but may decline due to age. So far he has been always reelected to rule, though the elections are always dismissed as phony by the Western media like BBC and CNN, which have always undertaken a systemic campaign to belittle Mugabe. Indeed, when the elections fail to elect a leader of their choice, they are always fake for these powerful nations.
Do you now need to read the six page article in ‘The economic times’, titled ‘What is wrong with democracy?’


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